I hate to ask this..how to get ark or tn on vita slim 3.52?

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    Nov 7, 2015
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    I know this is my first post and Im sorry it is a cry for help. Ill try to make up for that in the future.

    I bought a vita a few months back and unwittingly updated it to 3.52 as part of the initial activation process (needed to download games anyways so oh well I guess) riht now it has already downloaded 3.55 and is requesting permission to update. I used to run emu's on my psp fat and the psp slim and would like to run some psp backups and emus eventually on my psvita.

    I dont have a ps3. I do have a laptop.

    I would try to pick through the info myself but I am lost in all the new terminology and will take some time to get caught up (moved off from game systems to cameras).

    From my limited understanding it seems 3.52 offers more flexibility than 3.55 (with previous firmwares being even better) because of some sort of email exploit?

    I would really appreciate someone helping me out with some basic information I can ingest to get myself up to date along with some links to get me going in the right direction and maybe a quick guide or assistance to getting me some custom firmware now.

    Thanks alot to whoever responds. :yayps3:
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    Mar 18, 2014
    stick with 3.52 if you can, im sure i read a post somewhere that said you can just delete the update from the notifications section and it wont ask to install it again instead it will just come up with the normal message of update your system which can be bypassed with vita update blocker v1.2 as for using the email hack method check out my program i made it may be of use to you here