I got EZ-Flash IV lite, Micro SD, and MML! But....

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by CaliforniaBeachU, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. CaliforniaBeachU

    CaliforniaBeachU Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    United States
    I have this:

    -EZ-Flash IV lite for NDSLite Only (Micro SD/TransFlash)
    -MicroSD 1GB
    -Max Media Launcher (MML)

    I've placed one game onto the microsd and put it in the EZ-Flash. First the DS says "first or not enough power" then I press to continue and in the files it shows the first game i've put on. I press it and then both screen just go pure white and sit there until I turn the DS off. By the way, the micro sd 1gb has been formatted already to a FAT.

    Looks like I have to update the bios or something with ezfla_up.bin but the official site ezflash.cn DOESNT work. What's up with that? Where can I download this "file update" to make my ezflash work? I went here: http://www.sosuke.com/ezflash/about719.html But is that just for the normal ezflash4 or can it work for the lite edition?
  2. Cheeez

    Cheeez GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 17, 2006
    MML is imcompatible with EZ4. You'll need another NoPass device.
  3. meangreenie

    meangreenie Banned

    Nov 14, 2005
    No it isn't... some are but the newer ones seem fine.

    His is obviously working as he got to the menu.

    @ california... what game are you trying to run ? and I gave you working links for the latest firmware and software in you're last thread. You obviously didn't read it.
  4. CaliforniaBeachU

    CaliforniaBeachU Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    United States
    Sorry if I didn't but I thought I went to the downloads and they just had the software for ez4 but not ez4 lite? And the official site wont open for me. It just times out. II was also told that the new MML does work with the new ez4 lite. I was trying to run need for speed but can I really just format the chip to FAT, put a game on, and then gp? I thought I had to add a .bin software to the micro sd before I could play gams/nds's.
  5. ZildjianKX

    ZildjianKX GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 1, 2003
    United States
    You'll need to get the bin file on your EZ 4 to load an updater for the kernel to work with nopass cards (hold the R shoulder button as the system boots).

    The EZ4 client works on the EZ4 and EZ4 Lite. You have to use it to transfer your games since it patches them and creates the save files. You can download them both from:

  6. Lily

    Lily One Scary Lady

    Former Staff
    Jun 18, 2004
    British Columbia
    The same software works for both the EZ-Flash IV & the EZ-Flash IV Lite. They're the same thing, one is smaller than the other and takes smaller memory cards. [​IMG]
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