I got banned because of Pokémon Sun/Moon

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  1. Lilith Valentine

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    I think we can sum this thread up with, don't go online before a game is released. You will get banned and it's your fault for doing it.
    It's as simple as that. Maybe next time you won't do something stupid like that again.
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  2. Clydefrosch

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    Jan 2, 2009
    'if you can't prove I'm a cheater, I'm no cheater.
    and trying to call me a cheater hurts my feelings and is just an attempt to make me feel less special.'

    that's what I'm reading there

    yeah, but going by the fact, one was aquired by cheating, while the other wasn't so the difference out here in the real world is still there.

    putting horse meat in my ground beef doesn't not make it horse meat, just because, on a molecular level, its all just water, protein, fat and carbohydrates

    also, abusing glitches still counts as cheating. that's why they call it abusing a glitch.

    finally, wtf? why would genners be the reason they added super and hyper training? people got their mostly perfect pokemon since forever without cheating too. they progressively made it easier / more accessible through the generations.
    they didn't make it easier so people could keep up with the cheaters, if that was their plan, they would've made it much easier from the getgo OR they would've done away with ivs, evs and natures altogether.
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  3. Townsperson

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    Nope, opposite in fact. You feel that someone putting in the time and effort to build the perfect team is worth recognition over someone who simply "made" their team in a few minutes. But, why should anyone care if we're looking at this from a competitive level? If someone is watching two people battle in some competitive scene, whether or not the participants actually put effort into raising their team is irrelevant (So no one is special. Sorry).

    Someone can moan about how they put so much effort in and are so much better than anyone who didn't, but at the end of the day, no one can verify it, so it means nothing. If you're against "cheating", by all means, breed and train the absolute best team you can. But don't expect anyone to actually care.
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