i found the old 3.60 firmwire for Asia Model VitaTVs

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    Mar 9, 2017
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    back in 2016 i saved the old URL link for the 3.60 firmwire for Asia Model VitaTVs to my bookmarks, and it seems that the URL is still active to this day so i went ahead and downloaded the file to my computer.

    right now i would like to update my asia model VitaTV with the old 3.60 update file that i just downloaded, but i'm worried that the file could infact be a 3.63 update in disguise and thus i'm too terrified to even put it in my vita.

    so what should i do now? how do i know that the 3.60 update file i have is indeed a 3.60 update, and not the newer 3.63 one?

    please help and many thanks!
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