i feel kinda dumb asking but

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    why is this place called GBAtemp? I kinda think its because it was made before the wii and nds and it was probably about gba hacking but then what does the temp mean? I'm so confused......
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    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    ...this site hosted GBA roms or something. It was named GBAtemp because after a certain period of time, the old (5-ish or so? Fuck me if I know... [​IMG]) roms would be removed from downloading and replaced with the newest 5 for a short period of time (hence the word TEMPorary). [​IMG]

    Those days are long gone as roms will now corrupt your soul and result in your salad being tossed by a big man named Bubba while trying to pick up that soap that somehow slipped off of it's rope. It's like destiny. feels good man.
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