I failed my drive test before I even drove out the car park

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  1. So the thread title tells you pretty much what happened today. I had my drive test today and failed before I even drove out the car park.

    For you non-Aussies out there this means I failed the test that gives me a license to drive solo.

    I got to the driving office an hour before my test, had a forty minute lesson with my instructor feeling calm, yet alert then got back to the office and sorted out the paperwork. My nerves started kicking in and I dealt with the situation in my usual style of refusing to show any emotion. As the clerk was asking me the usual questions “are you taking any medication that may affect your driving?” and so on I answered in a very grave, monotonous voice. At the end she asked “are you always so serious?” I replied laughing “yes,” and took the hint to calm down – a huge mistake.

    Shortly afterwards the test started. I passed the pre-drive test in which you to demonstrate the use of the controls on the car. Indicators, head lights etc. easy stuff. The instructor got into the car next to me and the examiner in the back seat. Off we went. I drove out the car park feeling slightly too relaxed. Somebody reversed out in front of me without looking, I pressed the brake, my instructor slammed down the brake. Test terminated.

    I parked the car and we discussed what just happened. Because my instructor intervened I failed the test. He himself said it was my right of way. This means that if we crashed the other driver would have been liable to pay for the repairs on both cars.

    My instructor drove me home and for the next few hours I was feeling pretty pissed off as you might imagine. I had a few shots of dad's Irish crème liquor then went on a walk eating an unhealthy number of chocolate bars. During my walk I envisioned a situation where we did crash, screwing the other driver over, and another where I was sending my instructor an email containing a wide variety of curses. When I got home I did the usual housechores and calmed down. No manifestation verbally or textually of a single profanity.

    What surprised me the most is my dad. I couldn't avoid telling him what happened as he walked through the door. He paid for the test and being the abnormally quick tempered man he is I was expecting him to unleash himself into a demonic fury of offensive language. Without raising his voice he told me to book another test.

    And that is how I spent half a day.
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    So crashing your car would have been the 'right' choice? Outside of that the instructor shouldn't have to intervene, and if he as much as brakes out of his own will, you fail the test? Sounds like foul play to me.
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    At the test place around here there used to be a little island as you left the test place, the amount of people that used to turn right out of there by actually going down the right path/fork (thus failing the test before they even left the driving test place's property as you are then driving on the wrong side of the road) was quite surprising.

    Anyway this does does like first rules of driving stuff ("right of way is right of law, right of physics is the highest law" and "driving is easy, trying to predict what every other cretin is going to do is less easy"), sucks that you got done in by it.

    Curious that the instructor was allowed to sit at the controls though. Most other places they have the option of sitting in the back and not saying a single word unless you have language issues.
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    I love how extra stupid this sounds to Americans since that would actually be correct

    @OP That's very stupid on the instructor's part. What you did saves money and possibly injury and should be considered correct
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    It sounds like you had really bad luck! Did you know on average 50% of people fail the test on their first time?
    Keep your chin up and I'm sure do fine on the next test!
    I failed mine first time as I did all my practice in my own car and then had to use the test centre car on the day and it completely put me off. I got 1 major fault for being in the wrong gear for too long.
    A few years later I retook the test and passed it easily with only 1 minor fault (you are allowed 15 minors here).
    I found it easier the second time as I was older and more confident. I also passed it in Wales which was easier just because of the location; rural area is so much easier than doing it in a city.
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    If you had the right of way, you shouldn't have failed the test - it's supposed to examine your knowledge and ability to drive a vehicle, not your "luck" - I would've demanded that the test should be restarted as you haven't made a mistake, you just ran into a fumbles who can't drive properly.
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    It's the same in the states; accident == failure no matter who is at fault. Their warrant, I suppose, is that the driver could have prevented the accident by being more alert even thought the other driver was more at fault.

    I'm certainly not judging the OP, I cleared my driving test with the lowest passing score, 70/100. :ha:
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    So you're upset that the instructor had to slam the brakes because you didn't brake hard enough?
    Others making mistakes is a big part of driving. Avoiding potential accidents that others are causing is a part of being a safe driver.

    If it was unnecessary for the instructor to use the brakes, I can understand your attitude. Basically, when driving, regardless of who is at fault the idea is to avoid accidents.
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    I failed my first time because of these dickhead pedestrians that decided to change which way they were crossing the street after they started across the cross road. Totally pissed me off!
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    Would you have hit the other car had the instructor not slammed on the brake? Or did he just panic? Either way, sucks.

    My driving instructor used to tell me, "drive like everyone else on the road is an idiot."
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    I think the problem here is that both the OP and the instructor used the breaks, so it's hard to assess what would happen if the instructor hadn't reacted. Can't blame the instructor for doing it instinctively, but he should judge your own reaction as appropriate.
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  12. I don't know how things work in other parts of the world. Where I live your test can be immediately terminated for a number of reasons among which are:

    - An instructor intervenes
    - There is a collision
    - There is a near-miss

    My speed in the car park was on the high side, but within the legal limit and when I took the office clerk's hint to relax I dimmed my reaction time a little too much. I don't blame my instructor for pressing the brakes harder than I did; his car is his source of income and he did press the brakes a second after I did. Even if I had stopped in time a near miss would have still failed me. As hard as it is to accept I do believe the incident was partly my fault. I just find it frustrating that despite having right of way, I was the one punished and the person who wronged me simply drove off.

    You are absolutely right.

    With all that has been said thanks your your support everyone :)