Question I extraced romfs.bin from a game - how do I get a folder from it?

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    Oct 25, 2016
    I want to mod a game but I was only able to get the romfs folder from the base game.

    For the update, I used a tool that can extract romfs.bin (file, not folder) from base+update, but now I don't know how to extract romfs.bin to look at the game's files.

    Any ideas?
  2. jonyluke

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    Aug 22, 2018
    Use this program


    - 2. eShop NSP
    - 1. Extract Eshop NSP

    Then you have the nca files in Extracted_NSP folder

    - 1. NCA
    - 2. Extract Ecrypted NCA
    - 2. Romfs folder
    (Use the biggest nca file)

    Enter the title key that is located at the .tik file, open it with Hxd and copy the line at 0x180 offset (in hexadecimal), without spaces

    You have your files in Extracted_NCA folder

    Also if you use the option BASE.nsp + Update.nsp to LayeredFs instead of Extract Eshop NSP it will be already a "Decrypted.nca" in Extracted_Base_Game_NSP folder, so you can use Extract Decrypted NCA and not use Hxd, the files will be in Extracted_NCA folder.
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    You can use this batch program I made if your using windows. Just put it in the same folder as hactool and keys.txt and Drag NSP, NCA or XCI from any folder on your computer onto the bat.

    It will extract everything in a similar folder structure as the file. Which is helpful if you want to repack back to NSP or XCI.

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    Jan 19, 2017
    Thank you! I couldn't find what was the "enter the title key" and you tutorial helped me.
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