I dropped my phone

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  1. throwawayaccount987

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    Nov 6, 2019
    I dropped my phone and there are vertical lines of dead pixels on the screen. There are no cracks on the screen. The left side is unreadable and the colours change between blue and black. The middle and right side of the screen look discoloured but is still readable.

    A new screen is about $50 and I'm confident I can install it myself; but my life situation is a bit busy right now. Is the screen likely to get worse over time? If it is, then I'll find the time to fix it. If it wont, then I'll just use a semi-functional phone for a while.
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    it probably won't get worse as long as it isn't dropped again. There's no real way of knowing, but from my experience, it'll probably stay the way it is now.
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  3. MistApo

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    It's bad new.
  4. cauliquackers

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    Oct 16, 2019
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    It's unlikely to get worse on its own. However, it will be more susceptible to impact -- slight trauma that wouldn't have affected it before may create more damage now. My rec would be to stabilize it with a nice phone case that locks all the way around your phone (including the front screen).
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