I downloaded games before 11.8 with FreeShop, and now that its gone, I check the eShop...

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  1. EthanSolo

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    Aug 26, 2018
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    I check the eShop and the games i downloaded from FS arent able to be bought and have a "To Redownload Screen" button.

    Should I click it or is that a hard no?
  2. froggestspirit

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    Jul 28, 2011
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    not advised, iirc, it will try downloading it the same way freeshop would and you can get banned
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  3. ry755

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    Nov 29, 2017
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    With all the new security stuff, Nintendo will see that you're using a fake ticket
  4. Engezerstorung

    Engezerstorung Advanced Member

    Nov 9, 2011
    well, i will try to explain what is happening

    since you have the ticked (fake ticked) installed by previousy installing the game, the console/eshop is like "oh he already have it, so redownload option", but since now we have a ticket validation check, if you click on redownload, he will check the ticked, see it is fake, and will refuse to download in the end (and it can potentially flag you to nintendo, since a normal use is not supposed to have fake ticket, so it is hacked stuff)

    to be able to buy the thing properly you need to uninstall the fake ticket with FBI

    btw if in the future you want to remove a non legit game, dont uninstall it with 3DS options, do it in fbi with the option "delet title and ticket" thingy (so it doesnt leave the fake ticked behind)

    it was previously usefull to have the fake ticked installed since without the verification you could download the game in the eshop, some homebrew even proposed to mass install all tickets so you could download everything on the go. but it is a thing from the past now; if you want a non legit game you need to install it as a CIA