I dont know how to test me nand

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  1. chamberwolf

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    Sep 21, 2018
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    Could someone tell me or link to a guide on how to test my nand copy on no$gba

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  2. mondul

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    Aug 8, 2018
    You will need to dump or find on the internet the "DSi Firmware Files" and place them in the no$gba folder, also copy your nand.bin dumped with fwTools into it and rename it to "DSi-1.mmc" (without quotes, obviously). After that, launch no$gba, go to Options → Emulation Setup, on the "Reset/Startup Entrypoint" choose "GBA/NDS BIOS" and on the "NDS Mode/Colors" choose "DSi (retail/16MB)" and save the configuration. Finally, go to File → Cartridge menu (FileName) and choose any ROM. If you get the Nintendo DSi boot screen with the health and safety warning then your NAND dump is fine.