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    i am having trouble with my cheats on my R4i clone i think it is cuz it has R4i and the R4i letters are gold on the sticker it uses _SYSTEM_ and TTMenu with CHEAT.dat file idk why in the TTMenu is USRCHEAT.dat but its like that so i am having trouble adding cheats to some new games i downloaded can you tell me why i am having trouble at adding cheats please thank you the CHEAT.dat file is 444kb BTW it looks exaclt like this [​IMG]
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    You should have posted it here R4 section, since you using "TTMenu" I assume you are using YSMenu and as far as I know you need to use usercheat.dat for cheats.

    Where are you downloading cheats from ?
    For some reason all the latest ones are from http://cheats.gbatemp.net/Temp/ try getting it from there,
    because getting from http://cheats.gbatemp.net/ (notice the difference [​IMG] ) is only updated until "08 Dec 2009".