I can't view the cheat database PART 2


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Nov 27, 2008
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Do you remember me? I hope so.

Because I STILL can't view the cheat database. I probably never WILL be able to view the cheat database. So... let's make this easy and simple. Easy and simple is always good, correct?


Here are the NTSC codes I'm looking for. Game is Pokemon Platinum.

Please just post the codes I'm looking for in this thread if you can, please. If they codes I'm asking for haven't been hacked, can someone please hack them? Thanks.

I would appreciate any help with this.

Here are the codes I need/am looking for:

Max Cash
Quick EXP Gain
999 Rare Candies in Slot 1 (Medicine/Item Slot)
999 Master Balls in Slot 1 (Ball Slot)
Wild Pokemon Mod
Azure Flute and/or Arceus Event
Member Pas and/or Darkrai Event
Oak's Letter and/or Shaymin Event
Secret Key and/or Rotom Event
999 Max Revives in Slot 2 (Medicine/Item Slot)
999 Max Elixers in Slot 3 (Medicine/Item Slot)
999 Heart Scales in Slot 2 (Medicine/Item Slot)

Think someone can help me out here?


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