I can't find any .NARC files that I need in a ROM I'm playing around with.

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    Oct 30, 2014
    Hi, I'm new to ROM hacking, and I'm playing around with jjjewel's English Tomodachi Collection hack for fun, and I can't find the .NARC files I need to edit text, only .BIN files, I've been looking everywhere for help but I??? Can't find anything whatsoever?? I opened a .BIN file I found in the .NDS ROM in Notepad and it looked like this:
    I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the .NARC since there's "NARC" near the start of the file.
    I've also decompressed the file using BatchLZ77 and changed the file extension to .NARC, but DS Text Editor won't recognize it as a legit .NARC.
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    Did someone say the game featured NARC files that contain the data you want to edit? If so then carry on, if not then NARC files are not in every DS ROM, indeed they are probably not even in most of them and this may be one of those occasions.

    Mind you if that picture is accurate then chances are the game has stuff using the NARC format but said files do not use the extension. Indeed assuming it is not that very odd font you use in your notepad/windows install then the stuff before the NARC part is probably some compression as well (if they had "proper" extensions then it would probably be CARC).

    I have never heard of DS Text editor, is it http://www.hackromtools.altervista.org/index.php/en/?option=com_content&view=article&id=86 ?
    If so that looks like a pokemon hacking tool and the version of NARC that pokemon used was not the same as the one used by every other game that uses NARC. Alternatively that program is not designed to edit text in the format that Tomodachi Collection uses (later on I see mention of BMG which is a known text format, but not one that pokemon uses).
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    First off, have you tried opening it in a fileviewer such as Tinke or CrystalTile? Seeing that NARC header in your notepad opening shows that there is a NARC file in there.

    Protip: Don't use notepad for viewing files. Use a hex editor, it'll be a lot better.
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