i bought supercard ds one

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by hjfbv1, Aug 3, 2008.

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    and i wasnt sure, is it suposed to come with a micro sd card? i diddnt get one but i had one so im all good. i just need to find what i need and i dont know what im looking for. it tells me

    "no find scfw.sc please turn off nds"

    yes it says it just like that, so at anyrate can anyone tell me where to find this? im guessing its the SuperCard FirmWare. ive searched scfw.sc on google and diddnt find anything so any help would be amazing!
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    You have to get a microSD. Then place these (you've got a white one, right? that means it's the SDHC version) files on the microSD.

    Insert the microSD in the SCDS One and you're set.
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    1. read this:


    2. then read this again:

    3. then download the firmware from here:

    4. read nr 2. again and do it.