I bought a blue screen 2ds- can i fix it?

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    Apr 23, 2019
    Hello! Today i bought a really cheap 2ds from someone online becouse i looked online and i tought i could fix it. The problem is that when i power the device, both screens go blue with an error code : 8046. I tried installing boot9strap and i flashed ntrboot on my r4 sdhc dual-core, and when i press the button combination(start+select+x+power, while in sleep mode) the power led goes on and both screens are black. Any solutions? Is it repairable?
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    Jul 23, 2018
    Yes. This should help you. Put godmode9.firm to the root of your sd card and rename it to "boot.firm". And follow the guide then.
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    Jan 1, 2018
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    Unfortunately, bootrom error 8046 (aka, "Blue Screens of Death") is not fixable with CTRTransfer. Whoever last had that o2DS must have failed at their attempt at hacking it using hardmod or A9LH 2.1.0 firmware downgrade approach.

    If the BSoD is due to hardmod, that means physical damage to the motherboard. If that o2DS ever had its SysNAND *.bin image backed up, @Denisu12 might have gotten away with using EmuNAND.

    A software based 8046 BSoD is recoverable if its SysNAND *.bin image was previously backed up before the brick. If the BSoD is due to bad firmware reflashing but that *.bin image was not made beforehand, one would have to resort to Lazarus3DS using a donor o2DS/o3DS nand files dumped from the [S:] SYSNAND VIRTUAL.

    Short of having that o2DS original SysNAND *bin image, this category of bricks is considered terminal if its hardware and not for the faint of heart fixing/debugging if its software. Unless you're a masochism, @Denisu12, you're better off buying a replacement o2DS motherboard from eBay or aliexpress. You want one that has its NAND (both the physical chip and flashrom within it) in working condition for a mobo swap job.

    Or, you should cannibalize the o2DS for parts or get a different system.
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