-Hyrule Warriors Legends- Already found an "out of bounds" glitch by accident.

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    Jan 6, 2016
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    I was playing Hyrule Warriors Legends on my 3DSXL when I discovered this glitch. I was playing the adventure map mode when I chose the mission "Defeat all Giant Bosses in time!" with two dodongos, I killed the first one and went after the second one when he trapped me by the gate towards the top of the map. I was basically mashing the attack and dodge button trying to get out when he knocked me over that gate, I couldn't get back through so I explored the map on the other side; apparently the area I was knocked into was a map from another level (I think the map was from Prologue: the sheikah tribesman). On the bottom screen my cursor was going off the map the farther I went until eventually my cursor disappeared from the screen. I did a quick Google and didn't see anyone else mention this glitch so I decided to report about it here, I took a video of the glitch but I would need to fix the sound so I'll try to recreate the glitch.