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    umkAy thiss turoial tels yuo hwo 2 eet stuuf

    credsits ot mi mmo nad dda fro tecaheng mee hwo 2 eet eye raelyl aprpecaite ti

    thye wotre teh rset fo teh turoial fro mi

    NOTE: My kid was only a year old when he wrote this and I'm his mother. He was close to tears when I was gonna delete this from his computer do here goes nothing, I'm finishing the tutorial for him.

    • get spoon or fork, some food uses either one of them and some uses both and some uses none
    • go to walmart or the home depot or target or shoptemp or sears or mcdonalds or mall and get food
    • now buy some food
    • get your utensils out if needed
    • unwrap the food
    • move your joints
    • turn on your grill
    • burn your hands
    • they should warm up and become stronger
    • now open your mouth
    • use your utensils to cut a piece of the food if needed
    • or use your teeth to take a bite
    • now swallow you do this by chewing on your food then allow a gap between your throat in order for it to go down your throat
    • keep doing it until your food is all eaten
    now to drink

    • take a cup
    • put liquid in it
    • use either a fountain machine
    • push this lever with your cup held by your
    • hands
    • stuff should appear in the cup
    • or buy a drink
    • take the cap off
    • use your hands
    • put the tip of the drink towards the cup
    • pour it in your cup
    • now let's drink it
    • use your hands to hold the cup
    • open your mouth
    • put the cup against your mouth
    • let it flow through your mouth
    • you can use a straw to do stuff faster
    • just put your mouth against the straw
    • suck in air
    • now let the liquid go down your throat
    • open your throat
    you might have to go to the bathroom later so be prepared

    now bonus material

    Quirky Quiz but I lost the instructions
    I got a coloring page for you but I lost it

    mu tish si em agani adn eye tahnk yuo fro unisg mi turoial hoep yuo cuold levea osme cmometsn dwon bwole
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    tanks it relly hep mi
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    English Converter to the rescue:

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