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    Homebrew is a big part of this community, and many people feel it's within their right to use it. After all, on personal computers people have the freedom to make, modify, and use custom programs, so why is this restricted on game consoles which we have also purchased for personal use? A few years ago this wasn't a big issue, as consoles weren't very powerful and companies didn't take many actions to stop homebrew in general.

    Now it's becoming a big issue. With game consoles becoming closer and closer to computers in terms of power, abilities, and goals people are looking to them more and more often to do tasks normally delegated to personal computers, and of course this will create a need for homebrew. In addition companies are starting to take shocking steps to attempt to stamp out homebrew, such as Sony taking various PS3 hackers to court, and graf_chokolo's home being raided by police to confiscate the equipment he was using to try to bring Linux back to the PS3.

    This is often done because game companies and the public in general associate homebrew with piracy, so many groups have been taking steps to bring users to awareness of what homebrew is, and that there's plenty of decent homebrew out there. GBAtemp hosted another Homebrew Bounty this year, with over 50 entries competing for cash prizes, some of them rivaling retail games in entertainment and quality.

    While many companies have been taking action to prevent the use of homebrew on their systems, Sony is by far the most aggressive. In reaction to this KaKaRoToKS, a PS3 developer, has started his own movement to show Sony what homebrew is actually about. The Humble Homebrew Collection is a collection of 32 free puzzle games for the PS3, and the movement includes a petition to Sony, and a donation option to show Sony that there's actual money to be had in the homebrew scene.

    Please click the On-Going Discussion link below to discuss the movement.[/p]

    [​IMG] On-going Discussion

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