HTC announces new VR headset, the VIVE Flow

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During an online launch event today, HTC unveiled its new VR headset, the VIVE Flow. While some details leaked online earlier this week, we now have official details of the product. Unlike the company's previous consumer products, the VIVE Flow will not require a beefy PC to work with as it has been designed with portability in mind. Instead, you use a power bank to supply its juice and can pair with an Android phone over Bluetooth, with the latter working as a controller. With Android devices that support HDCP 2.2, users can mirror their phone's content but it is mainly advertised for dedicated wellness apps, some light gaming and to create a distraction-free VR workspace.

Below are some use cases for the device:
  • Meditation 2.0 with apps like TRIPP, or taking a scenic, immersive drive down Route 66 with MyndVR’s original series: A Road to Remember
  • Watching TV or movies on their own personal, cinema-sized VR screen
  • Exercising their minds with brain training apps
  • Collaborating and socializing with colleagues and friends on VIVE Sync

Specs-wise, the Flow is also HTC's lightest VR headset yet, weighing at 189g. It packs a 100-degree field of view allowing HD quality content, 3.2K resolution, 75 Hz refresh rate. The headset also has built-in diopter dials, speakers pump out crisp as well as noise- and echo-canceling mics. For improved comfort, the VIVE flow also integrates an "active cooling system" that is said to pull warm air away from the user's face.

The HTC VIVE Flow will retail for £499, with pre-orders starting today, October 14th, globally while open sales begin in November. Anyone pre-ordering will receive the official VIVE Flow carry case and a gift bundle of 7 pieces of content. HTC also announced a a special Viveport subscription plan to accompany the VIVE Flow launch. For £5.29 per month, it provides subscribers with unlimited access to a wide range of immersive apps covering well-being, brain training, productivity, light gaming, and exclusive content like a Lo-Fi room designed to look and feel like a cosy café.

More details about the HTC VIVE Flow and pre-order link can be found on the official website linked below.

:arrow: SOURCE: GBAtemp Inbox
HTC VIVE Flow Official Website


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Oct 13, 2015
United States
As much as I see that this device looks horrible to begin with, it's not really meant to be worn while walking down the street.

Yet, I still need to figure out whether this device is even meant to be bought.
This is a new low for HTC. Hopefully, Valve will eventually fill the gap with a proper SteamVR-compatible standalone HMD. I'm probably not the only one waiting for that kind of competition to Facebooks effed up marketing strategy.
Valve must have one around the corner now that they got the portable steam deck going.


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Feb 12, 2014
Valve must have one around the corner now that they got the portable steam deck going.
That's at least what we could hope for. To us it would be the next logical step, yet there are only a few persons in the world that could make such a business decision.
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