1. bakhalishta

    OP bakhalishta my teef hurt

    Jun 30, 2004
    Does any of you guys have the HP DVD Drive 300i Installation Disc (the one that came with the drive) ? I tried downloading an update to see if it could fic the problem, but the only way to install those is to install the original software. Seeing as myu dad bought this computer pre-assembled, I don't have the box or the CD. I tried getting it from HP, but instead of offering it to download, they're asking me to pay 22 bucks for it (which I think is quite dumb seeing as we already bought the damn drive)[​IMG]

    If any of you could take the time to create an image of the CD and send it to me (torrent, my FTP, mIRC or whatever you think is better), I'd be very grateful.

    P.S : I don't know it this is considered illegal, so feel free to lock/delete the thread if it is considered warez

    Thanks guys
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