Hardware Howto preserve SWITCH and especially the accumulator the best?


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Sep 26, 2020
For example, you do not use the switch for a longer period.

How to behave the best if you take a break of
a.) 1-2 weeks?
b.) 3 months?
c.) 6 months?
d.) 1 year?
So that the especially the accumulator of the switch will NOT get damaged...

e.) Or how to behave the best if you almost daily use the switch in Dock mode?
f.) Or how to behave the best if you almost daily use the switch in portable mode?

Devices with accumulators that are not used for a longer period should always be changed between 80-20% of their maximal capacity.
They should be stored in a dry place and not exposed to the sun and to the cold.
So a good stocking place could be a cupboard in a room that is dry and heated in winter and the switch should never be exposed by temperatures over 40 degrees.
right so far?

If AutoRCM is activated the accumulator is empty after a very short time.
So when AutoRCM is activated it is sure that after 2 weeks the accumulator is totally discharged.
I am afraid that this could harm the accumulator of the switch.

The main advantage of AutoRCM:
+ While Firmware Update with ChoiDujourNXAutoRCM is activated no fuses are burning and so downgrade to the older Switch FW Version is possible.
+ Only the power buttons need to be pushed + No jig is needed to boot the switched.
- but a dongle or phone or pc is still needed.

To avoid using a dongle, phone, pc the switch should never be turned off and just put into standby mode.
Stand by mode needs energy and discharge the accumulator automatically.
So it is still needed to charge it regularly which causes "stress" to do not charge it too late. Otherwise, the injector is needed again.

So when the switch is used more times a week it just could be putten in the dock station and let it charge automatically. No no stress, no reboot, no jig, no dongle, pc, the phone is needed.

Being absent for a longer time while charing and the accumulator becomes older there could be a tiny risk of fire. Unlikely but possible. This expensive case should be avoided. Energy is affordable and always changing is no such a big deal.

The huge disadvantage of AutoRCM is,
that the accumulator in the switch is after one week totally empty even if it is not used.
The switch needs to be charged for a longer time 30 min 1h to have enough energy to boot again.
Then the pro dongle or phone or pc must be available to inject the payload otherwise the switch can not start.
For me, it makes no difference. If the jig is not needed but the dongle is needed.
The Dongle or the PC and jig are at the same place stored so if I need them, I have them both available fast.
And I do not have huge fingers. And I can press VOL+ and afterward Power instead of only power. So this comfort is also not counting.
Therefore I decided to deactivate AutoRCM.
But I am not sure if these thoughts are all right or I mixed up something important?

If a switch will not be used every day and will have a break for a longer time (2 weeks 1 month or longer ) it is the best to deactivate AutoRCM?
For me this sound logic. If the switch is completely turned off the accumulator is not discharged significantly even after a month and so there is no deep discharge of the battery for sure. And I can control it better to charge the battery up to 80% of its capacity and "hibernate" the unused switch in the cupboard.

Especially the first switch models that are cfw compatible without soldering contain a weaker accumulator then the new switch models.
It would be good if an old switch could be preserved as long as possible and could be still used in 2050 ;-)

Sega`s game gear is still working today if the common problem of the capacitors is solved.
Is for the first switch also a common hardware problem already know?
Or according to the PCB layout and the used electronic components which most likely problem could occur in the future?

Speaking of capacitors.
In the SX Pro dongle, the original parts appear to be KAMCAP Super Capacitor 2.7V 0.35F.
Not everyone can solder new capacitors. So it could not harm to buy a second dongle.
In 5-10 years the dongle might not be still sold brand new, the new operating system does not support the APK or EXE File Software, etc.
How to preserve the SX Pro dongle the best? Charge it regularly or just keep in in the cupboard unused and wait until the principal dongle will break one day and they use it?
Or in the best case, the principal dongle will never break down will never happen. Then have just used the backup SX Pro dongle to obtain a second SX OS license...

Am I right with all of my assumptions?
If not quote my erroneous text passages, please.

These are my "profound thoughts" so far.
What are yours?

What is your best strategy to ensure a long product life of the Switch?
Thank you in advance for your time and advice.
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