How would one go about porting a Wii game to New 3DS?

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    I'd like to try porting Super Mario Galaxy to New 3DS, even if it meant taking a lot out or remaking things from scratch. Unfortunately I have pretty much no experience with things like that. So what would I need to know, and would it be possible?
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  2. Ryccardo

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    To "port" something, you need its source code in the first place

    You could make a simulation (think basically every unofficial Pacman or Tetris game) using adapted graphics and sound, but you're going to rewrite the actual code and probably even the levels manually based on what you see - which will likely result in a not 100% faithful implementation (if you ever come close)
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    tbh you probably wont go through to the end.
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    Beyond even just porting a game without the support of Nintendo and the source material in the first place, there's the issue of the Wii remote, converting the game to work on 3DS controls instead would itself be a monumental task.
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    >control mario with left joystick instead of nunchuck

    Wow so monumentous
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    Nvidia Shield Super Mario Galaxy port.

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    Since Super Mario Galaxy is closed source, you only have two options. Either re-writing the entire game from scratch, or emulating it. Emulating Wii games may be possible one day on the Switch, but will never be possible on the 3DS, at least at any playable speed.

    So since you want to play it on the 3DS, you will have to re-write the game from scratch. Good luck gathering a team together and either recreating or ripping all of the graphics, music, and dialog from the game, and then writing an engine to put it all together.

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    How about no?
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    Steps: (not legal nor advocated)
    1: hack into Nintendo's Dev servers and computers and procure dev kits, source code and assets for Mario Galaxy. Supposing they all still exist...
    Alternatively; get job at N and procure project to port game
    2: setup Dev environments and start copying and editing code to get to work on 3ds. Also edit graphics, audio and assets so they work better on 3ds.
    3: test as you go
    4: release game when enough of it works.
    5: release patches to finish fixing game bugs you missed.

    Edit: if it were simple Nintendo probably ported many more Wii games over to 3ds.
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    1st, buy Nintendo

    2nd, ????

    3rd, Profit!
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