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    I have sent my x box to MS cause i had the red ring of death and i get my console back but i cant read out my back up game , i know that i have to perform a non material operation on m xbox but i just don't know. I think i need to "flash my bios "

    help !:P
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    I'll post exactly what i posted in another topic

    The best way to get backups running on a 360 is no a modchip, it is flashing the dvd drive.

    First you must find out what dvd drive you have.

    There is also a Lite-on drive which is the same drive tray as the BenQ but the lite-on are not flashable. and if you have a Hitachi 79 you will need a chip like martin said so

    Next up is to read the textbook .pdf which can be obtained here:
    That will give you a fantastic guide on flashing your 360's dvd drive. Or if your not up to flashing it i know someone who does them cheap and i recommend him.

    EDIT: I'm sorry to break it to you but if you got your 360 back from Microsoft recently you will most likey have a Lite-on which are un flashable.