How to vWii Channel forwarding to game on USB Loader GX?

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    Hello, I tried several times with no success only a black screen when I try to run the channel, how do you make a forwarding channel for games on the USB drive in order to avoid having to run USB Loader GX first.
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    There's a section just for what you're looking for.
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    There's no section for what he asked.

    He doesn't want a USBLoaderGX forwarder, but a Game forwarder channel to prevent launching the loader and selecting a game from inside the loader's interface.
    For this, you have to use WiiGSC (previously named CRAP)
    Attention, CRAP (and maybe WiiGSC) had issues and could generate corrupted animated banner, which if you installed them caused banner brick.
    There's maybe a way to recover banner brick now, by using HBL2HBC, but it's better to prevent bricking in the first place.

    if it's not updated to work on vWii, you'll have to convert the created channel to vWii version using JoostinOnline channel converter. (or manually edit the app file)

    Look in Forwarders are back for more info on how to edit the app yourself.
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