how to use the final fantasy 4 exp modifiers on AR

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    how do you input these modifiers on the cheat editor because i dont want to use the max exp code on. so i want to try out these exp modifiers. i know how to put in regular codes but this one is weird. lets say i want to do the "002 = x2". where does that go in the code input.

    EXP Values
    002 = x2
    004 = x4
    008 = x8
    010 = x16
    020 = x32
    040 = x64
    080 = x128
    C01 = x256
    C02 = x512
    C04 = x1024
    C08 = x2048
    C10 = x4096
    C20 = x8192
    C40 = x16384
    C80 = x32768
    D206B9E4 050020E8
    2206B9E8 EBFE5187
    2200000C E3A01???
    22000010 E0050195
    22000014 E0800005
    22000018 E12FFF1E
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    It goes in place of the ??? part.
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    Is there a way to make the cheats work for the undubbed FFIV version.
    Because i dont want to switch between the original and the undubbed just to used the cheats and my sd card has no more memory lol.