How to use sleephack patch tool?!

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    I'd like to use Kuwanger's edit of Dwedit's sleephack patcher.

    I'm an idiot or something, but I don't know how to use this. Whenever I open the application, a window opens and closes too fast for me to even read what's on it. What am I doing wrong?
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    maybe that tool gui is dos? if you notice the window is black, you need to open it on CMD
    shift + right click on the folder it will show up "open command window here"
    click that, and type the .exe name, it will tell you a list of commands for how to use the tool

    yep just checked it. you need to use command prompt to use it
    extract the folder to desktop (or other place)
    place the roms on it
    open command prompt in that folder (use shift+right click on the folder where the sleephack is)
    type "sleephack "RomName.gba" "patchedRom.gba"

    (this part should be obvious but in case you don't know how to use a command prompt)
    replace RomName with the name of the rom, and the other name with the name you want to give to the output file.
    if names got spaces use the quotes
    for example: sleephack.exe "pokemon fire red.gba" "pokemon fire red sleep patch.gba"
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    Or, alternatively, type "sleephack" in the command prompt and drag the ROM file onto the window, that'll paste the path :)