How to use PowerSaves to move Zelda OOT GateWay Save

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  1. Awesomeaustin316

    Awesomeaustin316 Shiro

    May 28, 2015
    United States
    *Note I tested this on the N3DS so I'm going to be referencing it over the O3DS*
    *I forgot to mention, I had to use the second save provided at the bottom because my Zelda game was a different version. So I can confirm it works *
    This is because I remember seeing a post awhile back talking about this specific thing. There is a way to use Powersaves instead of other save dongles or a friends GateWay. What is needed
    *A Powersaves
    *Zelda OOT
    *Micro SD for N3DS
    *Micro sd Adapter
    *GateWay Files
    *Correct Save File
    * Mini Philips head Screw Driver

    The first thing we need to do is download the newest GateWay Ultra Beta at
    Once downloaded you need to extract it and you'll have this folder


    Open it and keep it open.
    Now we need to get the micro sd card out of our N3DS. There are 2 screw located here.


    We need to unscrew these and be VERY CAUTIOUS while doing so. These things will strip if you're not careful. Once done you can pop the back of from the slits on each end. Now the sd card is spring loaded into it. So as you would a pen, just press it in and it comes out. Simple enough.
    Now we will insert our microsd into our computer. I luckily had one built in, but any adapter will do. Once plugged in, we need to move this file onto the root of the micro sd card


    Once we move this , we can safely eject our Micro sd and we are now ready to put it back into our N3DS.
    Now it's time for the whole point of this tutorial
    We need to plug our powersaves into the computer, and then plug Zelda OOT into it and run powersaves. We will need to make a back up and call it something obvious that you can spot out. Something like
    It just has to be something you can find easily.
    Close Powersaves
    Now our GateWay folder from earlier has a save in it that can work. HOWEVER some versions of the game require a different version of this save !

    At this point I'm gonna call it Break it point. If by the end of this you get a corrupted save problem, then you need to come back to this point with the ALTERNATE save file.

    Let's try the original save GateWay gives us.
    Navigate to c:\users\*yourname*\Powersaves3DS

    As you can see , GateWay gives us a .sav while Powersaves is a .bin. Find your Powersave from earlier and rename it and add BACKUP to it's name.

    Now take the original name and copy it over the .sav


    Now we will move this new save into the powersaves folder with the Back Up.
    It will now have to files named something along the lines of
    as this is what mine are. Now we can turn powersaves back on. We should now have an Unknown save


    We should now restore this save to the Cartridge.

    Well now all we gotta do is load up the game and see if it works

    If you get Corrupted data, then we need to back Trace back to the Break it point and instead use this save
    This save will work if you get a corrupted save problem from the previous one.

    That sums this up. I hope everyone gets their N3DS 4.5- 9.2 working with Gateway.
  2. Awesomeaustin316

    Awesomeaustin316 Shiro

    May 28, 2015
    United States
    I would like to ask if possible for someone with the power to change titles and thread placement, to the tutorials section and to rename this "N3DS Zelda OOT Gateway Walkthrough"
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