How to use or create AR or GS -Cheats with M3/G6?

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    After I have read countless threads in various forums, I still found no solution for my concern.

    I own a Nintendo DS, DSLite & DSi as well as a M3DSReal + 256M GBA expansion pack.

    On the SD card for the M3 are the most recent TouchPod as well as Sakura.

    NDS & GBA playing and NDS cheats is no problem.

    But I find no solution for how to use GBA cheats or how to create correctly formatted CHT files.

    I have already tried it with tools like ARCrypt and AR2CHT.

    When I start the GBA game, the selection of the cheats appears but they have no function in the game. The cheats seem to be correct because they work with emulators, among other things.

    I need either a well documented tutorial to create CHT files correctly or use CHT files directly for various (EU) games.
    Or working GBA Cheatfiles for use with M3/G6 REAL.

    I would like to use cheats for the following games:

    -Metroid series
    -Pokemon series
    -Mega Man / Rock Man Series
    -Zelda series
    -Kirby series
    ... as well as a few others

    Example what i tried:

    AR3 Codes for Metroid Fusion EU to cht

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Same after ARCrypt to cht with and without @

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    after ARCrypt to AR2CHT

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Anyone can help?????
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    If your using a M3 Real running Sakura with the GBA expansion pack, you pick and choose your cheats before you start your GBA game like you would with a DS game.

    You can get the gba cheat collection here:

    You don't need to use ARCrypt or any other crap to use them. THEY ARE ALREADY MADE FOR YOU TO USE THEM.

    Make a GBACHEAT folder and put the CHT files you want to use on the microSD.

    If you did everything correctly, accessing a gba game settings like the any DS game by sliding the game from the Sakura menu to the left. This will show the settings.

    It will loook like this.

    Pick your cheat file with the button, navigate to the CHT file your gonna use.

    If you did everything correctly your cheat menu screen should look like below.


    Enable all master codes or whatever is listed as master/main/required before you enable the cheats you want.

    I believe there was a limit to the number of cheats you can run at any given time. If you got a game with more than that limit, you will likely need to start deleting cheat codes from the CHT file to use.