How to use ocarina. I'm helping my son and some work some dnt

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    I'm trying to learn as we go. Looks as there are different activators for the codes. Most follow the same pattern with the start of the code being 28200F40 7FFF8000 This being activated by the Home button. Others like 28BDBB52 00000008
    I believe to be Up button. At best I can tell the last four digits of the second work is the activator the first four are a mask. I then come across some codes the have no 28...... start at all. Do these still use the last four digits of the second word. Many of the codes don't have instructions on how to get them to work. I'm looking for a good tutorial on how these codes work.
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    unless they say otherwise the could will just be active when ocarina is used and the code is included in the GCT file. If its a code that ends in something like xx then you need to input a value for that code based on the effect you want.
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