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  1. Falco_DJ

    OP Falco_DJ Advanced Member

    Jan 16, 2019
    United States
    Hi, in this tutorial I will be telling you how you can use custom banners on USB Loader GX. what you will need:
    • A Wii with homebrew channel installed
    • An SD card with USB Loader GX installed
    • A computer with an SD card reader ( or an external SD card reader )
    • A banner file (.bnr)
    • A WBFS game file
    Step 1: Find out what your WBFS game file's GameID is. It should be on your WBFS file's name, but if it isn't just, use a WBFS tool to find out your GameID. Next download, and rename your banner file to your GameID. In my case I was making a "Newer Super Mario Bros" ISO, and forgot to ad the banner. So I rename my custom banner file to "SMNP03.bnr."

    Step 2: Insert your SD card into you computer, and navigate to: "SD /apps /usbloader_gx /cache_bnr" . Once your in this location copy your .bnr file to it. If it asks you to overwrite an existing file just click yes. All thats going to do is replace replace the old banner with the new one.

    Step 3: Eject your SD card, and insert it into your Wii. Once you've done that, open USB Loader GX, and you should see the new banner.

    What's really nice about this is it it's quick, easy, and USB Loader GX displays the banner on it's own without you having to edit the WBFS file, and you dont have to worry about braking the WBFS file either because it doesn't actually change anything, but the cached banner file for USB Loader GX to use.

    I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and that it helped you out!:)
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