How to upgrade to 4.3 if I have softmodded 4.2E

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by markmcrobie, Feb 14, 2011.

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    I've read the CompleteSoftMod guide, and it seems to suggest if you have 4.3, you need a copy of a certain game (LEGO, Super Smash Bros, etc) to be able to softmod.

    What I can't work out is does this also apply to those of us that are already softmodded on 4.2E?

    My daughter has just bought a game that says it needs 4.3 to run, so I'd like to update, but still be able to use my USB loaders.

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    first, DO NOT UPDATE, you'll lose your softmod, and have to start over. AND you'll need a retail game in order to re-hack it.
    So, if you have Neogamma, as a channel, run the retail disc from there, it'll load without the update, no game REQUIRES an update.
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    To be frank: the game is lying. It doesn't need firmware best, you may need to update a couple IOS'es (though it is possible it will keep asking it as long as you have something in cIOS249).

    If I were you, I'd do 2 things...or even 3:

    1. update the HBC to 1.0.8 if you haven't already done so (that way, accidentally updating won't cause it to be removed)
    2. install priiloader, and block both the online update and the disc update. don't worry: the game will still be able to'll just get rid of the warning messages
    3. if you haven't already done so...install bootmii and make a backup of your nand.

    This may sound a bit overprotecting (heh...just point 2 is enough to solve things)...but there are far too many people coming here saying they accidentally updated their wii without any precaution whatsoever.
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    After following all of the above, if the game still doesn't work you'll have to update the IOSs manually. You can get DOP-Mii to do so. Install the latest non-stub IOSs but be sure not to change IOS 70 since that's the system menu IOS. You won't need IOS 80 though, that's the IOS for 4.3.
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    Excellent post Wever. One thing to add for markmcrobie is that since your are USB loading games, you shouldn't disc load games at all. There are some circumstance where disc loading can't be avoided, like if you want to play Metroid Prime Trilogy at any difficulty level but veteran, but unless you have such a situation, stick with USB loading.

  6. kylster

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    This is not entirely true, only if you do an official update by Disc or WiFi "AND YOU DO NOT HAVE A FORWARDER CHANNEL INSTALLED" will you more then likely have to softmod your wii again. This information is commonly misinformed. If your cIOS are to date then they are usually installed with a max or high revision number so an offical update whether by Disc or WiFi will not delete or overwrite them. Typically cIOS236,249,250 are installed like this & will be your main backups if a freak accident of a update does occure.

    Basicly a update will not delete any forwarder channels you have and it'll be just as easy as swapping the .DOL file the forwarder looks for with a Wad Manager .DOL file so you will be able to install everything by WAD back onto your wii. This way not needing any game only a up to date cIOS. An example would be you have WiiMC forwarder which looks for BOOT.DOL in SD:/apps/wiimc/ just swap or temp. rename wiimc BOOT.DOL and replace or swap with your Wad Manager DOL load it up by forwarder channel. You can do this with any forwarder channel that im aware of, this is only an example but should work.

    Updating to a newer System Menu by Disc & WiFi is but one way of going about this. You can use one of two simple programs to install a new SM; either NUSD or ModMii, can download you the desired SM. Quick Recap:SM4.0-4.1=IOS61 SM4.2=IOS70 SM4.3=IOS80. Make sure you grab the necessary IOS that particular SM runs from or you will brick. It's pretty simple you grab which ever IOS of the SM you want to use, then install that IOS via Wad Manager, then install your New System Menu [​IMG] it's a 2-step process which I have done enough to confirm working. Anything you install via Wad Manager make sure you have all GC and USB devices unplugged. I have experienced IOS problems with cIOS when installing them with a USB hdd plugged in.

    You can use ModMii to update all your IOS and cIOS offline which is possibly the easiest way i know of; in the past i have used Dop-Mii which is quite good but I only use for a quick patch of any IOS i may need which is only currently my SM IOS and IOS36. You only patch your SM IOS if you plan on moving WW VC games from Wii Nand over to your SD card. IOS36 is still used by some homebrew; other IOS should be patched only if you play burned games and would like to load by Disc Channel. If you use USB loading then these should be the only 2 IOS you have patched below 200.

    If you dont want to use Dop-Mii to do a quick IOS patch i would highly recommend MMM [MultiModManager] which is like having a swiss army knife cause you can install any IOS via SMB, WiFi, Wad. Basicly it's a Wad Manager, Dop-Mii, App Loader, and other stuff. You should check it out it's really the only Wad Manager i use.

    If you dont want to update your SM, all you have to do is install Priiloader, you can grab version 4 from ModMii. After you install that just enable the hacks NO DISC UPDATE, NO ONLINE UPDATES and you will never be prompted to update your SM again. A game does a quick scan to see if your on the latest SM or at least the ones asking you to update are doing this.

    Also no need to update Boot2. It serves no purpose in performance for the wii.

    I hope this helps.