How to update my console to 7.0.1 when usine hekate?

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    So im using an older version of Hekate since im scared to update or something. I was trying to install an update NSP for shadowgate and SRWT and it says that my FW is too low in order to install it. I know I need to be on a higher emunand which should be 7.0.1 but I have no idea on how to get there without going to 8.0.0 or if I need another FW loader or something.. I don't really connect my console to the internet but if I need to in order to get the update then I will. Can someone help me figure out what I need to do so I can update my FW and get a better payload or something? Do people still use hekate or is there something better? Im usually always installing games through tinfoil... Any help will be greatly appreaciated.
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    Why are you using an old version of hekate? There shouldn't be any problem with using the latest version. Update offline with ChoiDujourNX to 7.0.1 You DONT need an internet connection for updating your switch and you should never do that if you are using CFW. No, there's nothing which is better than hekate right now. I personally prefer installing nsps with goldleaf because of the UI but many people still use tinfoil.
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