How to update chipmoded Wii from 3.2 to get rid of Error#0002 for good

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by defor, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. defor

    defor Member

    Sep 14, 2009
    Hello (and sorry for redundant or misplaced topic)
    I've already read many guides on how to update wii, how to install newer IOSes, how to install cIOS, how to prevent from bricking etc. etc.
    However i'm still confused about what to do just to fulfil following (simple?) tasks:
    1. Update Wii to have latest IOSes needed to play recent games (lets say that Wii is on 3.2E with default IOSes installed).
    2. Do not install stuff about softmoding since Wii has already chip installed (Wasabi) and a user is pretty happy with it [​IMG]
    3. Try not to install special loaders and tools (Geckos, Starfall, ...) to run those games (just a normal start from the disc channel).
    4. Get rid of that annoying Error#0002 bug when launching backups.
    5. Still have trucha sign bug available (to install wads and/or possibly trucha sign backups for various reasons).

    Let me explain: I have chipmoded Wii on 3.2E just with HBC installed (no newer IOSes, no cIOS, no enything funny else [​IMG]). So far i was pretty happy with playing even recent realease (for example Muramasa, Little King's Story, Punch Out ...) because i always applied "a holy trinity" of IOSPatcher 1.1 + WiiScrubber1.31 + GenericWiiPatcher [​IMG] I changed IOS to be used IOS30 and got rid of error#0002 with GenericWiiPatcher. If done on PAL realeases it perfectly worked. Well, until Metroid Prime Trilogy arrived [​IMG] For this, i did the same patching of main.dol. Inevitably i've found out it's not enough because there is just a menu launcher starting three separate games (obviously mp1, mp2 and mp3). So my second attempt was to use GWP on additional dols i found there (i found other four so I patched them all). Unfortunately even this does not work. Famous bluescreen with Error#0002 appears on game launch shortly after choosing version of mp from the game's start menu

    So i decided it is maybe the right time to update my Wii? [​IMG] However, i really would like to do it in "the least work" manner [​IMG] I don't need USBLoading. I don't need latest system menu with all that funny stuff (launching wiiware from SD card, latest nintendo channels, etc.)... Just to run burned disks on chipmoded wii and run some installed channels (wads).

    So far, i believe that installing cIOS (is cIOS rev13a a good candidate?) to have trucha sign available with later install of some additional IOSes should be enough to run games and do not get stuck in error#0002 screen. Or am i wrong and something more "robust" is necessary?

    Also, i really wonder what causes that error#0002 bug? I have read many guides and topics on how to remove it (WiiScrubber + GWP or some parameter in launcher if loaded from USB) but no explanation what's behind. Is it some anti-piracy check from Nintendo? Or is it just a system message that some IOS is missing (or that some discrepancy among existing IOSes exists)?

    Thank you for any help!
  2. linuxares

    linuxares GBAtemp Psycho!

    Aug 5, 2007
    What games is messing with you? You might need the IOSes for the games you play.
    Then you actually NEED GeckoOS, since it will take the IOSes the games need, install them.
    Then you can ignore GeckoOS.

    If not, please upgrade to 4.1. Really! You have nothing left to do on 3.2 since 4.1 is alot better since you get all the IOSes you need.

    cIOS 14 is the one you should go with.
  3. beegee7730

    beegee7730 ITS PAAFEKUTO!

    Mar 31, 2009
    Actually many users prefer 3.2 because of the twilight hack.
  4. defor

    defor Member

    Sep 14, 2009
    What games? Well, I got stuck on Metrid Prime Trilogy (PAL), Before that, I sucessfully patched all games to run (as i've mentioned earlier: Muramasa, PunchOut, MadWorld, ... all forced to use IOS30). However in general, i'm now searching for the most simplistic way how to play backups without the need to manually remove that annoying Error#002 bug (i.e. use GenericWiiPatcher) - what to update, what ISO / cIOS to install etc.

    Really do i need to launch with GeckoOS? I understand that this tool can install necessary IOSes if a game requests them (and preventing it from reporting error#002 as listed here: ). However, isn't it a way how i may lost trucha bug sign? I know that there is a way how to get that bug back again but anyway...

    I see that i can install 4.1 but that's exactly the way I tried to omit, or at least to go that way only when no other simpler method exists. But maybe, at the end, it IS in fact the simplest way?

    Somewhere on this forum I read that cIOS 14 has problems with double-layer DVDs. However maybe it's true only when used in conjuction with USBLoader?

    Thanks anyway!

    P.S.: Oh, I didn't mention it earlier: the humble Wii user (me [​IMG] ) has Wii NOT connected to the internet. So all installations must be done offline [​IMG]
  5. nabster92

    nabster92 GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Apr 16, 2009
    United States
    Yea you might want to just go with cIOS rev13a. If you're not really using it for any Wii backups anyways it shouldn't really matter all that much. As for updating IOS's from geckoOS. You wouldn't really be losing the trucha bug from that anyways because if it needs to install an IOS, it means you didn't have it AT ALL in the first place, so you wouldn't have had the trucha bug in it of course either.

    And the reason you are installing a cIOS is so you have the trucha bug in IOS249 regardless. With that you should use wad manager 1.4 or 1.5 and have it use IOS249 for anything you want to install.

    Dop-IOSv7 can install the most recent official IOS's on your system and patch them with the sig hash check (trucha bug) if you have a cIOS installed to IOS249 first. But since you don't have internet, you would have to download the IOS's you want to update from NUSD and NOT pack them to wad's and put them in a specific directory similar to the way IOS60 is handled in xzxeros simplistic mod guide in the stickies.

    Also if you're going to install cIOS rev13a offline as well, you will need the version of IOS38 that it is based off of packed to a wad from NUSD on the root of your SD card. You can see what version it needs in the readme for it.
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