How to turn the Nintendo 3DS into the best retrogaming device? Flashcards? Custom Firmware?

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  1. Cristagally

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    Feb 10, 2018
    Hello everyone,

    I already ask this into the "noob" sectioin on this forum, but I didn't receive many answers (only one, to be honest).
    I'ml not interested at the moment playing 3DS game. I use mainly my 3DS for retrogaming. Right now i'm playing through Virtual Console and it's quite fun, and easy to play (Zelda, Metroid etc...). I would like to use my 3DS for playing Sega Genesis/Master System/Game Gear, or Nintendo NES, SNES, GB or GBC game, or even Mame and Neo Geo games.

    I would like to know if the easiest way to play "old" games is to install a custom firmware, or if a flashcard can do the same. (Price is not important). What guy do you think?

    PS: I'm a bit lost with all this flashcard, is a one better than the others and support emulators?

    Have a nice day everyone!
  2. Bullseye

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    Feb 22, 2016
    Retroarch, snes9x, GBA injects, VC injects, just start looking for those.
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  3. Kubas_inko

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    DS flashcard and CFW.
    But if you don't care about DS and 3DS games at all, CFW is all you need (then VC and emulators).
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  4. Lilith Valentine

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    The best flashcart for emulation was the DSTWO, but they are extremely pricey and tend to be rather rare nowadays.
    I have tested several of those and I personally suggest using a CFW with VC injection along with Retroarch on a New3DS(XL)/New2DSXL. The New3DS(XL/n2DSXL) hardware has the best hardware support for emulation with 3DS hardware.
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  5. TurdPooCharger

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    Jan 1, 2018
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    @Cristagally, here's a quick & dirty list that covers most emulators and loaders.
  6. jeffyTheHomebrewer

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    both are great, because with a flash cart, you can play all of the ds games you want, plus with cfw you can make vc injects on a pc, then install and play them on your system! (You'll need the roms tho)