How to transfer saved games from henkaku old to new sd

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    Nov 13, 2017
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    so only option I have left I guess is

    If I reinstall the SAME game I had on my ORIGINAL sd

    To my new mlthaku sd2vita Card using the same exact mai and Nodprm or whatever it is

    How can I transfer the saved files ?

    I have backup of uxo so all I literally want is the saved games literally that’s it I can reinstall the games again it’s the fuking saved stuff

    I tried copying the whole uxo folder to my new sd but it DIIDNT install thebgames that was on it for some reason even with the app folder with apps in why DIIDNT it intstall the apps?

    Thats why I ask

    If that didint work

    I manually install the games then transfer saved games but were are the saved games folde rPLEASE