How to transfer GBA rom to a cartridge

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    Oct 13, 2016
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    So I play Pokemon yellow and crystal on emulators and I've pretty much beaten crystal and have started yellow. I was wondering if, one day if I wanted to, I could transfer the crystal rom file into a GBA crystal cartridge. I've done research and I've heard of homebrew and flash carts but I have no idea what they are even talking about. If someone could walk me through how to do it and what to buy and step by step instructions on how to do it properly that'd be great. I've seen all these flash carts and stuff and I don't wanna buy the wrong thing and not be able to transfer the rom to a cartridge. For right now all I know is that I have a Pokemon crystal rom file and I want to know if and how I can transfer that file which is saved on my computer to a cartridge so that I can play it on a real GBA. Also i heard there's a way to do it on DS too so if you could explain that to me that'd be great. Imagine me as someone who doesn't even know what a computer is and please explain simple and detailed.
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    If you already have a GBC Crystal Cartridge then probably you can transfer your savefile (with your team) on your cartridge; I am not sure, but I will make an attempt as soon as I find my cart (I was having the same idea). About flashcarts: a flashcart is a GBA cartridge that works via a Mini/MicroSD; essentially you store ROMS on the MicroSD, plug it into the flashcart and play on your GBA. As far as I know, the only flashcart that is still produced is the EZ-Flash IV (google it), but Pokemon Crystal roms and GBC roms do not work on this flashcart (I know since I recently tried to play Crystal, and the result was horrible).

    If you have a DS, you can transfer saves and ROMS between carts and PC, but I do not know if this works with a GBC game such as Crystal.

    As soon as I find it, I'll let you know.