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How To Transfer Games Saves from Emunand to Sysnand on Mariko SX Core & SX Lite

Hello. This tutorial will show you how to transfer games saves from your Emunand to your Sysnand on Mariko SX Core or SX Lite modded consoles without ever having CFW on your sysnand. It will keep your sysnand clean and hackfree. For the v1 unpatched models, theres another easier guide showing you how to do it by connecting through rcm which is not possible for mariko/sx lite. The tutorial I am writing is currently the only way that it can be done on SX Core and SX Lite modded consoles.

- A PC
-Minimum of 58.2GB of Free Space on your pc
-Your MicroSD card must be formatted to Exfat or you must have an extra card that has at least 29.2GB of free space formatted to Exfat
-Goldleaf nro app installed https://github.com/XorTroll/Goldleaf/releases
-LockPick nro app installed https://github.com/shchmue/Lockpick/releases
-Hacdiskmount computer app https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for you bricking your switch or getting banned from online play. As long as you follow my steps, you'll be fine because one of the steps require you to make a back up of your rawnand to continue so you can easily restore it in case of a brick which shouldn't happen. I've done it this way on my mariko to restore saves on pokemon sword and mhgu and I've not been banned since July. There hasnt been a single report of a ban for doing only this on sysnand. I also use the old method with rcm and hacdiskmount on my older switch which does essentially the same thing and I've not been banned for months even though I keep doing it consistently 2-3x a week so I can confidently say that this either has no risk or very low risk!

*Before we Begin, make sure you have a save file for the game or games that you will be following this guide for on BOTH YOUR SYSNAND & EMUNAND*

Step 1
This is a must

On your cfw emunand, go to settings/data management/delete save data and just make a note of how big the save file is because this is the only way to know you'll be picking the right save file.

Step 2
Dumping Emunand Saves to SD Card

Go back to the homescreen and click on albums then goldleaf. Click explore content->Console memory (USER) then click on the save folder. Press a on one of the file to see how big it is then press b to go back. Once you have located the save file you want that matches the file size of what you noted, press a on it then click copy. Then keep pressing b to go back to main screen. Click on explore content/sd card press up to get to bottom of the list and press x to paste. Press yes to paste it onto your sd card. Now take a note of the name of the file you just pasted onto your sd card. Keep pressing b to go back to the start and Click explore content->Console memory (USER) but this time click saveMeta. Open the folder that has the same name of the file you copied and pasted earlier, press a on the 000..1.meta file and copy it. Go back again to the start Click on explore content/sd card press up to get to bottom of the list and press x to paste.

Step 3
Dumping Keys to SD Card

On the homescreen of your switch, click album and click lockpick. Wait for it to finish which should take a few seconds. Don't worry about the errors. Press home to go back and now you can turn off your switch

Step 4
Backing Up Your Boot 0/1 & RAWNAND

After you press the power button, hold volume up to get to the sx menu. Click options->nand->dump nand and dump boot0/1 and the full nand
This will take a while
When it's done, click power off and take out the sd card.

Step 5
Making Your RawDump Recognizable

For this step, we are going to merge your split rawnand so that hacdiskmount can recognize and mount it. Connect your sd card to your pc and open sxos/backup and you should see the split files. Make a new folder on desktop and name it whatever. Transfer all the files in the backup folder there. Open up command prompt or type in cmd in search bar. We will begin by changing the path so type in cd then give it a space and drag the folder that you made that contains the backup files on top of command prompt. It will tell you the new path then click enter and it will change it to that.
Now if your files are named the same and theres no more just copy and paste this exactly word for word into cmd. After pasting, press enter.

copy /b full.00.bin+full.01.bin+full.02.bin+full.03.bin+full.04.bin+full.05.bin+full.06.bin+full.07.bin fullnand.bin

Don't worry about boot0/1 files as those are seperate. Give it a few and it should say 1 file copied to let you know it's done. There will be a new merged file in the folder called fullnand.bin now

Step 5a(Optional For Safety)
You now have 2 Rawnand backups

After the above steps, you'll have 2 rawnand dumps. One is your split files and one is your merged file. You have 2 backups at this point so just take all the full.00 - full.07 files and transfer them somewhere else like another folder or portable hard drive. Or you can delete them after finishing this guide. Don't delete or move the fullnand.bin because we need it for the next steps.

Step 6
Pre-Setup for Hacdiskmount

Make a new folder on desktop to make this easier on yourself. Transfer the game save file that should be numbers and/or letters for example 0000000000000256 and also the 00000000001.meta file into the folder on your desktop from the root of your sd card. Open your switch folder on your sd card and you should see your prod.keys file and transfer that to the folder too. You can delete them off your sd card now. Open the prod.keys file with something like notepad. Copy the 64 numbers and digits from the bis_key_03 and paste that in another text document to make it easier for the next step. Count the first 32 letters and digits and seperate that from the other 32 letters and digits. For the first 32, write UPPER next to it and for the remaining 32, write LOWER next to it.

Step 7
Opening Hacdiskmount

Right click on hacdiskmount and open it as an administrator. Click file then open file and open the fullnand.bin. Now scroll all the way down and double click on user. Now you will copy your first 32 Upper keys and paste it in upper and copy the other 32 keys for lower and paste it in lower. Click test and it should say ok in green. Click install to install the driver. Then click mount and wait a couple of seconds. Now your file is mounted so you can go go to my computer and it should show up as floppy disk. Open it and double click the save folder. Now go through the files and check the sizes of the files and match it with the save file that you have for example 0000000000000256. If the file size is the same, and theres no others with the same size, then you're on the right path. You'll then need rename your own file that you transferred from emunand to have the same name as the one you see in floppy disk. All you need to do is replace the last 2 or 3 digits/letters. After that, drag your emunand file into the save folder and it will prompt you. Click transfer and replace/overwrite. Click back and now go into the savemeta folder. Open the folder that shares the same name with the save that you just did earlier and copy and replace your 00000000001.meta file here. You can then close my computer. On hacdiskmount, click unmount and wait a few seconds now you can close everything.

Step 8 Final Step
Restoring RAWNAND with the save files

Take your fullnand.bin file and you'll need to transfer it to your exfat formatted sd card in the directory sxos/backup. Make sure you only have boot0.bin, boot1.bin and fullnand.bin in backup. Delete anything else there. Now just rename fullnand.bin to full.00.bin and you're done here.

Put in your microSd into your switch. While powering it on, hold volume +. Click options then nand and click restore. Follow the instructions to restore full nand.
Wait until it's completed then boot into ofw sysnand and play your save game backups online!


Tips: If you're smart, you won't restore an online game save with someone else's info or with any game breaking cheats applied to the save. Can't guarantee no bans for transferring save files for online games either so that's a risk you're going to have to take. Offline games are perfectly fine.

For the dumping nand and Restoring nand part, its best not to use an old dump if you've been online since then because there will be a mismatch in the logs that Nintendo sees. So only edit new dumps right before restoring. It takes longer but you're much safer this way.
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Aug 2, 2020
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Heycan this work for animal Crossing? I want to transfer my emunand to my sysnad!
yes it will work. You just need file from save folder in goldleaf. You dont need savemeta file because animal crossing doesnt use one. You can follow my guide


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Sep 30, 2020
United States
Thanks for the guide! I'm on a v1 Erista Switch and I'm glad I can do this without going into RCM mode. I'm on SX OS as well. Have you tried only backing up and restoring the user partition? It seems like it would cut down on some of the time from backing it up and restoring


Dec 27, 2017
Thanks for the guide! I'm on a v1 Erista Switch and I'm glad I can do this without going into RCM mode. I'm on SX OS as well. Have you tried only backing up and restoring the user partition? It seems like it would cut down on some of the time from backing it up and restoring

Tried that unfortunately, you wont be able to open in the Hacdiskmount...some sort of incomplete file error.
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