How to transfer games from psn account to another ?

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    Hi guys,

    I just read some tutorials about how to access different psn store using two memory card, instead of format my main memory card.

    I also read, if I buy a game from psn store with user account #2, if I transfer the game to my first memory card, the game would not run ??

    There is a way to make it run ? there is a lot of games on internet available and they don't seem to be tied to any user account ...

    What I am trying to do is to buy a second memory card and create a jpn account to buy some jpn games I would like, but once I bought it, I would like to transfer it to my first memory card..

    There is always the issue of firmware version but I read somewhere a trick to download a game from psn store without have to update to the latest version. We just need to buy it on pc on psn store and by just login into psn account the game will start download automatically. In that case we can stay on 3.60 version.
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    I forgot
    Your information is really outdated.

    For one, you can't connect to PSN at all on 3.60 period. You can't download anything from PSN on your Vita anymore. The only way to transfer legitimate content is via a PS3. See the noob section for more information on that.

    Secondly, you can just backup your JPN games using Vitamin or maidump and install them on your US account. This is because Vita game backups are decrypted games, which lets us run them on any account regardless of region or anything.
  3. Dr. Dew

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    Oct 31, 2015
    So I used Adrenaline to access the PSP store to download some PSP games I purchased to my vita and it actually worked! The only thing is it did not create a bubble on my vita of the PSP games but they were available to play in Adrenaline
    and ARK. Hope this can help you in some way
  4. Sonic Angel Knight

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    How is this possible? The psp access to psn has been dropped for months now from what I heard.:blink:
  5. Dr. Dew

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    Oct 31, 2015
    I used my credentials and logged in to the store in Adrenaline and was able to access my downloads list and download the titles I owned.
  6. Pandaxclone2

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    I was able to do the same with my US account on Adrenaline. I even bought a few games from there.