How to suppress X360 Noise?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Gaisuto, Jul 12, 2007.

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    My Xbox 360, when reading a burnt game, is really loud. It constantly makes noises while I'm playing. It doesn't affect the games at all: Games load fine, they play fine, nothing stutters. It's just loud. Is there anything I can do to suppress the sound?

    I would do the iXtreme 1.2b firmware update which slows the disc drive down, which I hear works wonders, but I don't want to risk games going wrong. For some reason I'd imagine games which feature either video or music to load either a LOT slower than normal or they'd constantly stutter. An example to this is for WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007 where they have two videos streaming and the music for one particular character all at the same time. That and I really REALLY don't want to open the 360 again. [​IMG]
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    Nope nothing you can do except update to 1.2b, which btw isn't a bad choice, games take a bit longer to load but as far as I can tell video runs just as smooth.

    Covering it isn't an option because it is prone to overheating

    I know how loud it can get and sometimes it even makes these weird clicks but I don't care as long as the games run fine.
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    don't turn it on [​IMG]
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    You can try position the console farther away from you.

    But really I'd just update to iXtreme 1.2b. I did it myself and the difference is amazing. The loading time didn't noticeably increase for me, I didn't encounter any stutters. Just buy an unlock kit before you open your 360 again, with that tool it took me only 5 minutes to completely open the console as opposed to over two hours on my first try.
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    The only thing you can do is to change to 1.2b. The loading is longer, but only for some games. Videos on games run just fine. I say if it's bothering you that much, go ahead and change the firmware.
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    ah man beat me to the joke I was gonna say play a noise thats louder over the top to cancel it out!

    You can buy some sticky foam pads that go on the sides of the inside case. But its mainly the drive which is loud and with dvd based games high read speeds will always be loud.