How to setup dual monitor for gaming?

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    I recently began using my laptop's VGA out port to use my old desktop monitor for a dual monitor setup. It's working great, but the issue I'm having now is setting it up to behave the way I want it to. I want to use my laptop monitor as a primary monitor because I want the desktop monitor to be used only for playing games. The problem I'm having is that games, in particular, League of Legends and Starcraft II, will open only on the primary monitor, even when I switch to windowed mode, move them, and bring them back to fullscreen or fullscreen windowed mode.

    Is there any way to get the setup I desire? Closest I've gotten to this was by using ShiftWindow, but my laptop's resolution and my other monitor's resolution are completely different (1366x768 as opposed to 1280x1024).

    My laptop uses NVIDIA Optimus (Uses an NVIDIA card for DirectX and Intel Integrated for others) if that makes a difference.
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    This is always tricky- the cop out would be to assign the external as the primary (usually as simple as selecting use this a primary monitor where you select resolution) when you decide to do some games- you probably already close things, disable AV and whatnot so add that to the step. You might even find a program to do it (nvidia has a fairly nice addon tool but stuff like UltraMon might also have the option (my VNC is playing up right now or I would tell you).
    After this it gets fun- most PC games are not built to deal with this and having them throw a hissy fit when you try is nothing unusual but I usually point people at
    It is meant for widescreen gaming but the methods they use will often be able to be tweaked for this sort of thing.

    You might also want a mouse "trapping"/trap program for when you get this running.

    Others reading- do remember your crosshairs will now be in the middle of the screen so dual monitors for games can be less than ideal. Three monitors (when combined with something like or the hardware equivalent.