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    Hey guys. I live in a college dorm, and here we're not allowed to have wireless routers, or any routers for that matter. We have 2 ethernet jacks, and a really crappy wireless service that doesn't work on my Wii. In my room we use the Wii for everything, from playing games to watching movies and TV shows. One day I ventured to work out how this whole SMB thing worked, especially with my Macbook Pro I currently use. Searching on the internet, I couldn't really find anything that had been simplified and all in one place for what i was trying to do, though I felt that mine was a common problem. Eventually, I got it to work, and I will share my method with you here.

    SGClay's SMB Wii Guide for OSX - Using a Mac-hosted Ad-Hoc connection

    So, some things you'll need.
    1. Mplayer CE Rev .76 Download
    2. An SD card (Obviously)
    3. Wii with homebrew
    4. A Mac - I'm on 10.5 Leopard, but i'm pretty sure this'll work with the few most recent versions. You can't be on a wireless connection for this to work, you must be getting your internet from the ethernet port.
    5. Your mac has to be pretty close to your wii, I assume, since your Mac's airport card is broadcasting the connection - Mine's about 10 feet away but I know you can go farther than that.

    The first thing you need to do is connect your Wii wirelessly to your Mac. Normal ad-hoc connections don't work with the Wii's wireless card, so we have to change how the Mac broadcasts its signal.

    Go to System Preferences - Sharing - Internet sharing. The checkbox may be greyed out, this is fine for now.
    in the dropdown box "share your connection from:" put in "Ethernet"
    Then, select "airport" in "to computers using:"
    Finally, check the box next to "internet sharing." it may warn you, just click start. There should be an Up Arrow where your airport icon is at the top of your screen.
    Now, click file sharing on the left. Check the box next to it, to turn file sharing on. pick the folders you want to share to your Wii in the "Shared Folders" section. Now click options...
    In the Options window, check "share files and folders using SMB", then check your account name on, put in your login password, and click done. I don't know if you need to authorize your account for this to work, but it couldn't hurt.

    Now lets get your Wii applications set up for SMB. I will do demonstrations for Mplayer CE and for an emulator, FCEUGX.

    Go to terminal on your Mac, and type in "ifconfig en0" without the quotation marks. (there are probably better ways to find this address, but it is the way I found it).
    It will spit out a bunch of mumbo jumbo i can't really understand all too good, BUT there is an IP address that you will use for your SMB share settings.
    Find "inet", it should be the third line down or so, and write down the IP address that comes after it. this you will use for your SMB settings' IP address.

    ok so

    Get out the download of Mplayer that you just got (or had before...) and also all other programs you want to use SMB with.
    Put their wii app folders in your SD card's "apps" folder, then try and find configuration files for them. In Mplayer, the file we are looking for is called "smb.conf". In FCEUGX, the file is called "settings.xml". In both files, the way you set up the share is the same.
    There are spaces for IP address, Share folder name, Username, and Password.
    In IP Address (IP), for all of them across programs, put in the IP address you copied down earlier.
    For share folder (share), put the name of the folder you are sharing. In Mplayer's config file, you need to put the folder name in quotations if there are any spaces. Remember, the folders you share in any SMB app must be put in your list of folders in the mac sharing configuration.
    In Mplayer, there are separate shares for each folder. put one folder in each share.
    I didn't have to put in anything for username or password, and when I did it didn't work. Probably has something to do with when you set up sharing on your mac.
    OK, after you save those configs, make sure they are on your SD card and pop it into your wii!

    First, connect to your Mac wifi hotspot on your Wii by using the connection settings in the normal Wii menu. Search for the connection, then pick your Mac. Test it, and it should work fine. No need to tinker with the settings after this. Go into the homebrew channel.

    In Mplayer, navigate to the SMB shares section, and pick one of the folders you set up. They will be listed as 1-5, though most of them probably won't work since you didn't set up any folders for them. Once the folder loads, you should be able to run your videos!
    The concept is the same with the other SMB programs as well.

    I hope this works for all of you! Respond if you have any questions!
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