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    Several questions in this actually, please excuse me I am a total noob in this, im nervous everytime I use the dongle to switch between the cfw and ofw :D

    So I downloaded the sx isntaller, mainly because it said it offers cheats. At the moment I have few issues with it.
    I own several games physically, one of these is FE Three houses, but I cant see it in SX Installer at all, dont really know how to add it either. In fact I cant see any of my original games. Is there a way to add them?
    I also cant really find any cheats, if I go into infor (Y) and into cheats (Y again) I only see a greyed out box with no info in it. This brings me to my third question. Do I need to updated SX installer or does it download updates on its own when I am connected to the internet?
    Majority of the time I use flight mode, I only poped out of it in cfw like once or twice to check SX installer, but I am not sure if it updated on its own or not. I downloaded 3.0 I believe and now there are newer versions.

    Last question, probably for another topic entirely, so please bear with me. Using SX Installer, or the homebrew menu I tried installing several dlc's I downloaded, but its simply not working, it just says error. I noticed the dlcs have 0 size but on my pc they did have some size.
    I noticed that SX installer has homebrew market and new dlc as well as option to use the newest update when installing something. I am assuming this doesnt actually download it on its own right? It needs to be on the card and detected by the installer for it to download?

    Thanks for the help.
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    It does not really support physical games. It is an installer.
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