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    Have you looked at the compatibility list of dios mios and seen that phantasy star online appears to work. Only to look up countless tuts and follow directions perfectly but somehow that game still doesn't work? I know this is my first post, but i felt that this was needed, i've tried this on three seperate wiis all with a 100% success rate. (None of these wiis were able to run PSO using any of the tuts i've read before. My wii in particular has a broken dvd Drive) I've seen a couple threads where using older versions of dios mios works, but that wasn't the case for these particular wiis or for your wii, and this tut will be using Dios Mios 2.11. I will be editing this later with links to downloads hopefully.

    PSO for the gamecube is one the greatest and only online titles for the console. That was back in it's prime though, this is the future! 2014 baby! We can run backs up of most gc games, but this one just seems to be really difficult. Why? Well now that can range from what type of DM(DML) you're using, to what usb thumb drive you have, which usb loader you're using or hell it can even be the kind of wii you have. I can't answer WHY it doesn't work, but I do have a method that has worked for every wii i've tried it with.

    First what you'll need is:
    Have Homebrew installed (Tutorial, follow up to the homebrew spot, or finish the whole thing, skip the dios mios part though. http://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-s...backup-wii-gamecube-and-wiiware-games.360687/)

    and the Dios Mios Booter app installed (App https://dios-mios-booter.googlecode.com/files/DML_booter_SVN_r30_HBC_Pack.7z)

    and Dios Mios 2.11 installed with a wad manager (http://www.wiihacks.com/other-faq-g...play-gamecube-backups-your-usb-hdd-print.html)

    PSO I & II version 1.01 iso (yeah like hell i'll link you to this, good luck though as it is out there. I have a legit copy it's just my personal wiis dvd drive is out ): and I used a friends wii to get the iso)

    Gamecube ISO Tool. (http://www.wiibackupmanager.co.uk/gcit.html)

    Thumbdrive that can hold 2 gbs. (I myself am using a 32 gb pny attache metal)

    SD card (A decent size, i'm using a 2gb microsd with adapter, its not to hold the iso so it doesn't have to be as big as mine, just big enough for the apps)

    Real Gamecube memory card (can't stress this enough, and don't have anything plugged into the second memory card port. I haven't tested that and can't vouch for it guys, sorry.)

    OK! On to the tut. I'm gonna assume you already have everything and continue on from there.

    Open up the gamecube iso tool. Now from there go to Options>Preferences>Click on Iso tab.>Once there make sure the alignment is set to 32KB and not anything else. and that both boxes are checked underneath that option>Click OK

    From there Click File>open iso> browse to your directory that hold the PSO I &II v1.01 iso and select it> Click open.

    Click File>Extract>GCReEx format> select a directory for your output files to be placed into.>Click ok and wait till it's completed

    Now plug in the thumb drive you're going to use and make sure it's all properly formatted to FAT32 (*to check just go to the simple TUT at bottom of this tut.)> Make a folder on the usb called games> Copy the folder of the extracted iso(it should be a folder that reads PHANTASY STAR ONLINE EPISODE I&II [GPOE8P] and have two folders in it: root and sys) and place it into your games folder on your usb thumb drive.>wait till finished

    Place the thumbdrive into usb port 0 (It's the port closest to the side of the wii.) And have your sd with the apps installed on it in your wiis sd card slot. Have the gc memory card slot A

    Go to the homebrew channel>Load Dios Mios booter (you should have Dios Mios 2.11 installed and NOT Dios Mios Lite 2.11)> Hit the b button to go to settings and make sure everything looks like this.

    Page 1/3-----------------------------------------Page 2/3------------------------Page 3/3---------------------
    Boot method------------New (DM 2.1+)-----cheats------------------Off------Pad Hook-----------------Off
    language----------------Wii--------------------Debugger--------------Off------No Disc--------------------Off
    video mode-------------NTSC480i------------Wait for debugger----Off------Widescreen (dm 2.1+)-Off
    booter drive reset-----Off--------------------NMM---------------------Off---------------------------------------
    ntsc-j patch-------------No--------------------NMM debug------------Off---------------------------------------
    video patching---------Auto------------------Activity LED------------Off---------------------------------------

    Hit B again to go back to the games screen> Select Phantasy Star Online Episode I&II (FST)> DM logo should pop up, the screen will be black for a few seconds and then you should see the now loading in the bottom right hand corner. Viola you're playing PSO. Any questions are welcome, and if you guys can find links for me while I sleep tonight that'd be great. Otherwise I'm gonna relax and get at the link part tomorrow.

    *open up computer from the start menu>right click your thumb drive>properties>and look at file system, it should say FAT32 if not then formatting it is simple, you can either do a quick format or a full format. Open up computer> right click your thumb drive> select format> for file system select FAT32> click ok, you can also check quick format near the bottom if you wanna, but to be safe i would let it do the whole shebang.
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