How to rip GB/GBC games from a GBA?

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    I have been trying to find a way to rip Game Boy and Game Boy Color games from a Game boy advance and I haven't been able to find a way other than "using an old flashcart" which I can't find much documentation for. Is it possible to rip GB/GBC games from a GBA and, if so, what would be the best way to do it?

    Apologies in advance if this is placed in the wrong thread, I didn't know whether this belonged in the GBA flashcard thread or this more general thread.
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    Not likely going to happen, especially not without any kind of additional hardware.

    When a GB/GBC game is inserted into a GBA/GBA SP it effectively becomes a GBC by means of a hardware switch. GBA mode has no meaningful way to interact with GB/GBC carts (for starters there are rather different voltages involved).

    You can build rippers easily enough
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    Not really (well, not any more than creating GB/C backups on a GB/C - which would be inconvenient and inefficient)

    The GB/C (and therefore, a GBA in GBC mode) have some internal executable RAM, but no way (multiboot/download play) to load something into it without using a game card; so while you could write an homebrew (that copies itself to RAM, waits for a button press allowing you to swap the card*, then sends the ROM/save** over the link cable), put it on a flashcard, and run it -- when the alternative is buying an Arduino Mega and a GB game connector (or a parallel port GB flashcard programmer), that's not too appealing anymore

    * you can't hotswap GB/C games on a GBA without the console rebooting, if you don't bypass the mode switch

    ** different mappers, which are not trivial to positively identify (especially with some bootleg games), add significant complexity to the dumping program, which would otherwise be mostly obvious to write
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    If u have N64, Flashcard and Transferpak u can RIP saves and inject saves too.. and rip games.
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    Mine is in a box somewhere, with the rest of the stuff for GB/C. I'll probably get around to buying another used GBC to mod with the backlight mod.
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    Shame it's not possible to run gb/c games on a ds, that makes ripping gba games a breeze.