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    Note: I put this in NDS - Tutorials since a DS is required to do this, even though it is for GBA games. There are methods to do this without a DS, but that's not what I'm covering here since this is probably the easiest way to do this if you do have a DS and a Slot-1 flashcard.

    When you replace the battery in GBA Pokémon games to fix the RTC clock that unfortunately isn't enough to fully get the clock working again. The RTC will begin again from 0 with the new battery while your save will remember that it was many days further than that when the save was created. In this tutorial I'll explain one method of resetting the save's RTC start time back to 0 so that your clock events will start working again.

    For this method you will need:
    • A GBA Pokémon game
    • A Nintendo DS or DS Lite
    • A Slot-1 DS flashcard
    • pkmn-chest
    Now, lets begin:
    1. If you haven't already done so, download pkmn-chest from the link above and copy it to your flashcard
    2. Turn on your DS, open pkmn-chest, and insert your GBA Pokémon game
    3. From pkmn-chest's top menu choose "Slot-2: [whichever game you're using]"
    4. Press "X", then click on your trainer's name
    5. Scroll down to "RTC initial time:", click A, then type "0" and press enter four times to set the day, hour, minute, and second all to "0"
      • Note: If you care about the time being accurate you can adjust so that the time matches in game, you'll want the day to be "0", and by moving the hour back by one hour/minute/second it will move the in game time forward by one hour/minute/second or vise versa
    6. Scroll down to "RTC elapsed time:" and set this to all "0" too
    7. Back out of the trainer menu and click "Exit"
    8. You can say "Discard" to changes to the chest, but say "Save" to changes to the cartridge
    9. You're done, time based events will work again!
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    Nice. I guess we could call this a programming oversight in the 3rd gen Pokémon games. If the initial time is reset to zero (and the "battery has run dry" message is triggered) the games should set a flag in the save – and do such a reset automatically once a new battery is detected.

    That said, I hope my batteries will last for the next years… and I hope to remember pkmn-chest when they give up.

    Fixed a flaw in the games. Thanks for this.
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    Another option (arguably the most technically correct one) is to use a cheat device or save editor* to enable the clock reset flag and variable, then boot the game and press L+B+Select on the title screen to use the official clock setting tool

    * Full disclosure - I contributed this feature to PkHeX a year ago or so :)
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