How to repair a single bended pin in a NDSL slot-1 ?

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    My NDSL doesn't read slot-1 cartridge. Looking in slot-1, I have seen that a pin is bended. I would try to repair WITHOUT change the slot-1, since I'm able to use soldering iron, but I never operate on an SMD board.
    I have read here that "the shielding over the top is only loosely coupled with the body of the slot. In the DS, the shielding is held down by solder tabs at the sides, while the plastic insides are held down by a screw in a cutout through the motherboard". So, in theory, it is possible to remove the metallic "top" of slot-1 desoldering only (!!) the 4 bigger (!!) joints at the slot edges. I could then operate freely on the pins to repair the bended one.
    However, since I know which is the broken pins, I could also drill an hole using dremel-like handtool on the metallic "top" of slot and operate from there. Is this possible or could vibration induced during drilling operation damnage the PCB ?

    Many thanks to everyone

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    Never gone through this but I will give my 2 cents worth.

    1) I thought the 4 tabs were what held the whole slot to the pcb O.O guess I was wrong

    2) (heard using tin snips was easier than desoldering it, but to each his own)

    3)Yes, in theory, I do believe method 1 would work

    4) Yes, in theory, I do also believe method 2 would work but that is risky. You risk drilling too far, you do risk damaging the pcb by vibration but I would find this unlikely, you have to deal with the pain in the ass ribbon cable to take the touchscreen off (probably should take it off for method 1 though anyway). But my biggest concern would be any stray metal shavings lodging somewhere in the slot-1 or on the PCB and causing a short. Plus, the inner side of the hole would likely be rough from the drilliung and would/could scrape up the front of whatever you put in there.