[How To] Recover your clone DSTT card!

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    Dec 23, 2008
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    I wrote this tutorial for people who have a clone (fake) DSTT which stopped working after they updated their DSTT's with firmware 1.16 .

    You'll need this: Fake/clone DSTT , Real (Genuine) DSTT or any other Working Flashcard , MicroSD .

    1. Download the recovery files HERE
    2. Open DSTTRecovery.exe .
    3. Fill in the path of your MicroSD, e.g. G: of E: , and click ''Install''
    4. The files who will be needed to recover your DSTT will be placed on the MicroSD.
    5. Put your MicroSD in a REAL (Genuine) DSTT (or any other Working Flashcardlike R4/M3), turn on your NDS and start ''FakeRecovery.nds'' .
    6. The Recovery Utility will load things, this can take a while. After it's done loading it will ask you, to put your Fake DSTT in your NDS.
    7. After you put your fake DSTT into your NDS you must press ''A'' , after a few secs it asks you to press ''A'' another time.
    8. If the flashing is succeeded you'll see a message on your screen that the recovery was successful

    Note : There doesn't have to be a MicroSD in your fake card.

    © MUDKiP

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    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and very glad I did. Gaining excellent tips

    I also purchased some DSTT Cards as gifts for Christmas from DealExtreme.
    I set the cards up with the latest firmware v1.16. They damaged the DSTT Cards It now comes up with the White Screen of Death.
    After serveral NDS reboots it does eventually comes on.
    So I guess they were fake, it was hard to opened it up as the glue was pretty stong. Therefore, could not verify the Fake Number.

    Anyway, reading this thread regarding the fake recovery program I decided to test it out.

    Step 1
    I copied the 4 files on the root of the microSD Card


    Inserted card into the DSTT Card, and eventually booted to the menu.

    Step 2
    Selected FakeDector.nds and then pressed A to run to see it was a fake card. Indeed it was a fake card.
    Then I restarted NDS again to the MENU.

    Step 3
    This time selected FakeRecovery.nds, pressed A to run.
    It showed the following

    found /DSTTDUMP.BIN
    Change DSTT, and press A

    I just pressed A to start, it showed the following

    EON EN29LV400AB
    Recovery Start? press A

    Again, I just pressed A to start. It completed the recovery.

    Step 4
    Switched off the NDS, and inserted the memory card back in the PC.
    Deleted 4 files I copied over in Step 1
    Then copied back the TTMenu OS v1.15 folder and file on the root of the memory card.
    Reserted card into DSTT Card.

    TESTED, SEEMS TO WORK FOR ME .. laugh.gif
    Many Thanks