How to put skins on G6 lite tutorial please?

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    Sep 1, 2003
    First I want to say this buy far is the best website concerning all things nintendo for years in which I have been lurking. I am trying do something special for Christmas for my Kids. I know adults think about Christmas about this time. I want to put a reallly cool skin on my daughters ds which I just bought and hid for Christmas. But all the forum topics has no tutorial on "How to put skins on the G6 lite step by step". By the way the only reason I bought G6 lite was because of the great review page this site has and the tutorial how to use it. Thanks for years of info and keep up the good work. Does it work just like M3. Do I need to download skin generator or moon shell. How do I delete skin and revert back to original or put new skin over existing. Please help with these questions. Thank you very much.