How To Put movies On Acekard2.1/i

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Frogman, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Frogman

    Frogman This could be you!

    Sep 20, 2009
    hey there,
    just in case your wondering how to put dvds and videos on your acekard2.1/i im here to help

    ok so your going to want a micro sd card that is ATLEAST 2gb and moonshell which is avaliable here just under where it says download akaio here once downloaded just put it in the root of your sd card

    For Dvds

    ok so first you will need to insert your dvd that you wish to watch on your acekard then go here and download dvd decrypter once youve downloaded that you open it up and then your going to go to mode and select IFO mode then the stream proccessing tab will appear click that and see the empty box that says Enable Stream Proccessing tick that then uncheck all the audio boxes except the one of your language also untick all subtitles

    we then want to go to tools>settings and click on the IFO tab then click on the dropdown menu next to file splitting and click none then click decrypt and wait your fifteen minutes or however long it takes once that is done then go to the folder where the video was saved then follow the video file steps

    pictures for help here!!!

    Video Files

    alrighty so next your going to wanna download a dpg converter there is heaps here
    then once downloadeed find your video file and put it in the correct area in the program your using (i reccomend Xilisoft and then getting the rego code generator to get it for free) then once converted put it somewhere in your acekard and launch moon shell then locate your video and your done

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