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How to put Japanese letters in your mii names via Citra and Tomodachi Life

Today I will be showing how to add Japanese letters to your mii names. This tutorial does not require Luma, but it does need the homebrew launcher in some way. I will be using Steelhax.


  • Any type of homebrew that can run the JKSV save manager
  • Tomodachi Life on the 3DS. A physical copy or the Eshop version will do. You can also download it for free somewhere if you know how to do so and aren't afraid to do it.
  • A PC
  • Citra with a rar of Tomodachi Life on it. The region of the game MUST match your 3DS's region or the game will count the new files as corrupted

First you'll have to go into your homebrew channel on your 3DS and select JKSV. Export your files, and take the 3DS's SD card out and insert it into your computer.

For complete newbies of homebrewing, you can check out this tutorial

Go into Citra and open your tomodachi life rar with the region correlating with your 3ds'.

Start the game once then stop emulation. Open up the save file by right clicking on the game and opening the save data location. Replace the SavedataArc with the 3ds save. the 3DS save will be found at E:\JKSV\Saves\Tomodachi_Life

Create a new mii. You can name it and edit it however you want but THE NICKNAME HAS TO BE IN THE LETTERS YOU WANT. Don't know what to name your mii? Here are some websites to choose.

A Japanese baby names site. Only choose the Hiragana text!
A Hiragana chart. Hiragana is fo natural Japanese names and words.
A Katakana chart. Katakana is for foreign names and words.
Google Translate. ONLY USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE TO WRITE THE LETTERS FROM THE HIRAGANA AND KATAKANA CHARTS. Google Translate is a really bad translation device. Do not use it for translating Japanese words and sentences.

Add a type of spelling to the character's nickname!

Save your new mii and you're good to go! It might also be a good idea to allow copying :)

Save the game and replace the 3DS save with your new citra save!

Put the SD card back in your 3DS. Open up the homebrew launcher again and go back to JKSV. Import your files then boot up Tomodachi Life.

Go into the town hall and press send/recieve. Press "send mii to mii maker" and send your new mii to mii maker. Congrats! You now have a mii with a Japanese name.
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May 27, 2011
My that was a mess editing this back! It shows how long I haven't been on here! Sorry for anyone who had to see that.
You probably want to get rid of the video tutorial and put the 3ds.hacks.guide link there. Video tuts are quite frowned upon here.

It looks like a decent tut for getting the jap chars in names tho.
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